Let me take you back to 1966, which is when I landed a job at Canada Wire and Cable 620 Dorchester Boulevard, Montreal, Quebec. I had already worked for Marshall Steel in Chomedey Laval as Inventory Control Clerk; there were no computers; I maintained a Kardex system.

After only one week I discovered I did not want to work on a GM assembly line in St-Therese de Blainville. I was on the Order Desk at Canada Wire at the time when Expo '66 was happening. The Senior Order Desk guys were Len Pegnam and Ron L'Herreault and Mark Beauchamp.

In those days, Canada Wire Leaside had a Vertical CV for producing items such as Type SHD-GC and G-GC and Type W Cables, as well as, XLPE Power Cables. People who have been in the business for a while will most likely remember names like Bob Cowling, Joe Thompson, Walter Shikolka, Jimmy Johnson, Danny Young, Len Hanesiak, Claude Joannette and Claude Silverwood (Industrial Wire & Cable division).

I spent part of everyday in the offices of Jean Paul Cote and Marcel Leger, who were wire and cable Engineers, constantly asking them questions. The outside Sales Reps were Roger Bigonese, Rey Renaud and George Stevenson and the Inside Managers were Pat McElroy and Leo Mooney.

In those days, the Triple Extrusion CDDC, did not exist.

I left Canada Wire to work as a Buyer for wire and cable, fluorescent tubes and incandescent light bulbs at Union Electric Supply. My boss was George Joncas and the big boss was Stanley Naimer. We often saw Ab Maiden from Pirelli Cables and Collin Windsor from Nawico and Ron Winkelman from Fabricon Manufacturing.

I left Union Electric to take a job in Mississauga in 1969 as Assistant Sales Manager for Turmac Industries 3171 Lenworth Drive. Turmac was eventually bought out by Anixter.

In 1971, I formed Kipling Enterprises as a Manufacturer's Agent representing Continental Wire & Cable York, PA, Dearborn Wire & Cable Chicago, Excel Wire & Cable Tiffin, Ohio, Hatfield Wire & Cable, Linden, New Jersey and Teledyne Western Wire & Cable (Bronco 66). From 1972 through 2011 I worked for a privately owned wire and cable distributor and retired at the end of 2011.

I kept busy volunteering to play Guitar and sing Bluegrass and Old Tyme Country songs at the Montfort Hospital. Bluegrass music is my passion. I host a monthly bluegrass jam session at a local pub, and trek to bluegrass festivals at every opportunity.

But something was missing in my life. I missed the wire and cable business, in which I had spent my entire working life. In July 2014, the idea of starting my own business popped up in my head so I called a dear old (90 years old) friend and he pointed me in the right direction.

Blue Ridge Wire & Cable was born and Condumex welcomed me on board as their Agent in Canada.