Blue Ridge Wire & Cable is an Agent in Canada for American Wire and Cable

American Wire & Cable Company has been a leading manufacturer of insulated solid or stranded Bare and Tinned Copper wire for the past 60 years! We operate plants in Ohio and central Tennessee performing rod breakdown, drawing, and bunching of Copper while processing over 600,000 pounds of Copper a month. This Copper is then extruded to manufacture over 70,000,000 feet of wire per month. We offer the best lead times in the industry of under two weeks with JIT, Stocking, and Warehouse programs to meet specific customer demands. With our flexible production and open scheduling systems, we offer the unique ability to manufacture and ship product with even less lead time when a customer MUST HAVE IT! Our Quality programs are extensive and cover all aspects of our business from sales to shipping. Most importantly, each customer is treated with the utmost care and attention at all times. Insulation: PVC, XLPE, EPDM, TPR, SILICONE RUBBER, GLASS BRAID Application: AWM, TEW, VW-1, MTW, TW, THW, SF-1, SF-2, SFF-2, SEW-1, SEW-2, SEWF-2, SPT-2, SPT-3, RV/RIPCORD, Appliances and Fixtures, Submersible Pump, Refrigerator Defrost Heaters, Refrigeration Equipment, Electric Clothes Dryers, Crankcase Heater Assemblies, Hazardous Exposures, Lighting Fixtures, Heat Pumps, Room Cooler Units, Air Conditioners, Cooling Systems, Outdoor Condensing Units, Mercury Lead Switches, Gas Ignition, Motor Lead Wire, Electronic Equipment, Moisture-Oil-Gasoline Resistance Ratings. Construction: Single Conductor, 2 & 3 Conductor, SPT-2 & SPT-3, Double Insulated, 1/64 thru 8/64 Mil Wall, 60C to 200C Temperature Ratings Packaging: Various sizes of Wood/Plastic Reels, Metal Spools, and Fiber Drums